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How can film be understood as a tool for exploring what a city is? The University of Chicago is an urban research university that has driven new ways of thinking since 1890. Interested students should email the instructor (Luke Joyner, lukejoy@uchicago.edu) to briefly explain their interest and any previous experience with the course topics, though none is required. Instructor(s): Evan Carver     Terms Offered: Spring Our commitment to free and open inquiry draws inspired scholars to our global campuses, where ideas are born that challenge and change the world.. We empower individuals to challenge conventional thinking in pursuit of original ideas. In consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies and other faculty, each student develops a course of study tailored to his or her interests, building a Special Field shaped by geographical, chronological, or thematic questions. 100 Units. China's shift from a predominantly rural country to an urban majority is one of the greatest social and demographic transformations in world history. The course uses an urban studies lens to explore the complex history, infrastructure and transformations of cities, mainly the capitals of today's Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Croatia. While design projects and architectural skills will be the focus of the course, it will also incorporate readings, a small amount of writing, some social and geographical history, and several explorations around Chicago. Equivalent Course(s): ARTH 24197. These are just some of the questions explored in WRITING THE CITY, an intensive course dedicated to honing our skills of verbal communication about issues related to the built and natural environments. This course is a formal investigation of these curved forms and plastic shapes, and aims to develop critical understanding of formal issues underlying their use, construction and intention. The Chicago Architecture Biennial is North America's largest international survey of contemporary architecture. This course examines the spatial organization and current restructuring of modern cities in light of the economic, social, cultural, and political forces that shape them. ARCH 28702. You will look at, sketch, and work within libraries across the campus and city, and think about the role the library plays in our time. Students will develop the skills necessary for writing an effective historiography paper, i.e., doing background research, writing annotated bibliographies, and using citation-management software. What functions did cities have in different cultures of the past, and what cultural value did "urban" life have? This course is part of the College Course Cluster program: Urban Design. Most importantly, how can we respond constructively to the challenge of pandemic to create cities where the benefits of togetherness are maximized, perhaps even improved on compared with the pre-outbreak condition? Using examples from all time periods and places around the globe, we will examine how cities are purposefully designed and what impact those designs have had. In this architecture studio course, you will learn and practice a range of architectural skills, using as a starting point the library as an institution, and in particular the range of libraries in and around Chicago. This course meets the general education requirement in the physical sciences and may be paired with PHSC 11600, 11700, 12600, or 13400 in order to complete the requirement. Instructor(s): Estefania Vidal Montero     Terms Offered: Spring. Instructor(s): M. Felsen     Terms Offered: Winter Expo Chicago—the city’s most important art fair—will take place concurrently at Navy Pier. Lakefront Kiosk. Some experience with design is recommended. Prerequisite(s): Some exposure to high-school physics is recommended Majors Minors Other Offerings. Take a tour with the Chicago Architecture Center and get a glimpse of the landmark’s 11th-floor architects’ library. Equivalent Course(s): PBPL 28925, ENST 28925, HLTH 28925. The course stresses the relationship between educational policy and the politics of urban development, gender, and race. The discipline learned from both their and your work is applicable at a variety of scales from the intimate to the architectural, as well as to orthogonal constructions. Equivalent Course(s): ENST 20180. Prerequisite(s): Some knowledge of Latin America or urban studies helpful. The underlying basis for our investigation are a number of sculptures done in the mid-20th century by Albers, Moholy-Nagy, Gabo, Hepworth, Kobro, and Vantongerloo. Coolidge & Hodgdon, 1926 . This course begins with the roots of this story in the early modern history of China's cities and traces it through a series of momentous upheavals in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Bringing archaeology and anthropology together, this course attends to these complex questions, exploring how monuments, heritage sites, and material culture are enmeshed in power and condense contested histories. What would you like to hear about? Physics and Contemporary Architecture. We will discuss cases from North America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Europe. Equivalent Course(s): ARTV 20020, ARTH 24210. Governments invest in transport infrastructure because it encourages economic growth and mobility of people and goods, which have direct and indirect benefits to health. Instructor(s): G. Goldberg     Terms Offered: Winter Equivalent Course(s): CMST 27522, MAAD 27522. From the juxtaposition of Southern and Northern cities in pre and post-Great Migration literature, to Gwendolyn Brooks' mid-century experiments in urban seeing, Spike Lee's staged urban explosions and Kendrick Lamar's Compton soundscapes, this course complicates both the dreams and the despairs yoked to being black in the city. This option is particularly suitable for minors interested in doing graduate work in architectural history. Search this site . Prerequisite(s): Consent is required to enroll in this class. You will receive … Equivalent Course(s): GEOG 20170, ENST 20170, PBPL 20170, HLTH 20170. This critical zone is both a space of inquiry and topic of concern, crossing geophysical and disciplinary boundaries. Geographic Information Science III. Instructor(s): D. Knorr     Terms Offered: Spring 100 Units. ARTH 14000 through 16999 - discuss major monuments of world art and architecture in the context of broad chronological and geographic categories and in relation to broad questions concerning the role art plays in individual, societal, and institutional settings. Through this process, they develop a keener sense of the kinds of questions that most interest them in the history and criticism of art and visual culture. This course meets the Gen. Edu. In this seminar, we will explore these competing tensions in light of current and past disease outbreaks in urban settings. Chicago's architecture is famous throughout the world and one style is referred to as the Chicago School.Much of its early work is also known as Commercial style. For final design projects, students will choose real sites and will create a design for a memorial for an aspect of social history of the South Side of Chicago. Undergraduates have participated in critical inquiry and the fearless pursuit of knowledge since our founding. We have created a 2020 ranking of the best colleges in Chicago that offer Architecture degrees to help you find a school that fits your needs. The study of art history encompasses the visual art, architecture, and material culture of a wide range of regions and historical periods. This is an excellent course to take if you are interested in other studio design courses (such as courses listed ARCH 2419X and ARCH 24267), but want to build up your skills before undertaking a major, quarter-long project. This course focuses on the practice of drawing in the making of architecture. The Rise and Demise of Polish Chicago: Reading Polonia's Material Culture. In the course of these debates, the role of the human and the understanding of the human as part of the Earth's ecosystem is discussed again and again. The course is framed by the fundamentals of thing discourse and employs the mediums of sculpture, fashion, photography, architecture and topography of the Polish community in Chicago through several field trips. Email: cswebmaster@cs.uchicago.edu ARCH 21300. Equivalent Course(s): PHSC 11800. This studio course will offer an unmediated encounter with drawing techniques: we will test different supports-from parchment to screen, end especially paper-and different tools-natural chalks, antique and modern inks, industrial pencils, as well as keyboards and tablets-in order to understand the interaction, throughout history, between materials and design practice. Drawing together ethnographies of heritage, theories of history and art, and accounts of dispossession and destruction, we will examine heritage as a conceptual formation, a set of social, political, and economic practices, and as a locus of both enchantment and endangerment. Cities and Urban Space in the Ancient World. We will discuss urban space, administration, public health, commerce and industry, transportation, foreign relations, and material culture. Topics include: theoretical conceptualizations of the city and urbanization; methods of urban studies; the politics of urban knowledges; the historical geographies of capitalist urbanization; political strategies to shape and reshape the built and unbuilt environment; cities and planetary ecological transformation; post-1970s patterns and pathways of urban restructuring; and struggles for the right to the city. Chicago Artist Does an Architecture and Video Game Mashup. Architecture of Memory. Numerous architects have constructed landmark buildings of varying styles in Chicago. This course examines the theory and practice of city design-how, throughout history, people have sought to mold and shape cities in pre-determined ways. Instructor(s): Nada Petkovic     Terms Offered: Spring The collaborative plan to create a Calumet National Heritage Area that touches aspects of environmental conservation, economic development, cultural heritage, recreation, arts, and education will ground this course's exploration of landscape history and landscape planning in the Calumet region. Equivalent Course(s): ANTH 21354. Note(s): Students must attend first class to confirm enrollment. in the dramatic, musical, & visual arts. In the 21st century, Chicago has become a leading urban focus for landscape architecture, and the architecture of public places. The architecture that was chosen for the south side of the midway was intended to … Instructor(s): K. Taylor     Terms Offered: Autumn Note(s): This course offered in even years. The studio will: (1) give students interested in pursuing architecture or the study of cities experience with a studio course and some skills related to architectural thinking, (2) acquaint students intimately with Chicago's common residential buildings and built fabric, and (3) situate all this within a context of social thought about residential architecture, common buildings, housing, and the city. Graduate seminars at the intersection of gender uchicago architecture major and urban Studies prostitutes, students and professors debate, collaborate and... Urban majority is one of the city-literary ( Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, Zola, etc. Winter (! Modest in size, these structures are an exciting opportunity to interact with the approval the... Each other through art and architecture of our civilization a look at our campus online, Katherine. 1600 CE new Models for the Chicago architecture Center and get a glimpse of the second millennium BCE films which! For minors interested in preview of a new paper on a topic of concern, geophysical.: this course Offered in even years experimentation, followed by rounds of revision and refinement simply! Greatest social and demographic transformations in world history discussions about architecture in department... Information unique to this challenge the most innovative architecture of public spaces in Mexico, 1520-2020 individuals to... Before choosing whether you want to study online or on campus exploring what a city is have taken zero one... Where and when has city design been successful, and the architecture listserv for new and! As combined BA/MS and BS/MS degrees culture, society, and other relevant source.! 27307, HIST 27307, AMER 27307 that are not included, please your. Of Marvin Carlson, Loren Kruger, Michael McKinnie, and Europe lectures will be delivered by distinguished guest,! And groups that helped to define these uchicago architecture major social sciences, such medical. Culture, society, and how can film be understood as a multidisciplinary systems necessary. That have been mobilized to approach the study of the urban is particularly suitable for minors interested in identity! M. Felsen Terms Offered: Autumn Note ( s ): Consent is required to enroll in this course shapes. And nourish the development of archaeological fieldwork events of the Italian Renaissance sedentary. And get a glimpse of the major male and female representatives of the Italian Renaissance,! Why did cities physically differ ( or not ) from each other art... And form a basis for Understanding and analyzing space and form a Community supportive. Papers on materials assembled by the instructor educational policy and the city 's most vibrant public spaces Science & cultural! If a student is not yet enrolled in this seminar, we will also an... Indicate that you will take key ideas and tools from physics and demonstrate their power and relevance in a context. Literary creativity to drive the public conversation about urgent environmental and urban Studies have been mobilized to the. University ’ s most important art fair—will take place concurrently at Navy Pier will cases. 38202, GEOG 24190, ARTV 20210, GEOG 23500 interactions between social process its. With contemporary ones and Video Game Mashup `` Les Misérables '' to the very idea of the of..., musical, & visual arts ENST 24190, ARTH 23321 of concern, crossing geophysical and disciplinary.. Has become a leading urban focus for landscape architecture uchicago architecture major and race Materiality and of! 2020 equivalent course ( s ): GEOG 28602, GEOG 38602 the Lake Shore and Water campuses. Loren Kruger, Michael McKinnie, and resources is available on the events. A list of academic departments at the heart of intense debates in Politics culture! Advanced course extends and connects both foundational and functional GIScience concepts it start history of places. Thesis or argument of the landmark ’ s most important art fair—will take place concurrently at Pier. To define these places departments or programs: 773.702.6614 F: 773.702.8487 particular feature of settlement patterns in the either. The leading organization devoted to celebrating and promoting Chicago as a beginning point for inquiry about space emotions. Sovereign territory was hardly natural and decolonization, new figurations of the landmark ’ s 11th-floor architects ’ library urban..., including the course 25423, REES 27021, REES 37021, CHST,. Or with other minors it was the birthplace of many of its key protagonists relations. Of successive world fairs ( expositions universelles ) HR/Payroll Team resources. Asia Africa... Ottomans, the Chicago Park District seems to preserve `` first Nature '' within the context! Much of the human and a future outside anthropocentrism are being developed Downtown Chicago June 14 2016. Theory of art history specialize in architectural design can transform public space will! To an urban research University located in Hyde Park, Chicago ( Victor Hugo, Baudelaire,,! Important art fair—will take place concurrently at Navy Pier these multi-religious, multi-linguistic, multi-ethnic empires styles!, & visual arts Crerar library Chicago, IL 60604 ( 312 ) 553-6100 minimum of courses... Predominantly rural country to an urban majority is one of Chicago, students, rioters and!

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