vancouver island marmot scientific name

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This species is also known by the following name(s): Chinese Ferret Badger. Vancouver Island marmots, Marmota vancouverensis, are endemic to Canada.They are found only on Vancouver Island, located in the south-western portion of Canada. Vancouver Island Marmot (No photograph available) Scientific Name: Marmota vancouverensis Conservation Status: Critically Endangered The Vancouver Island marmot is Canada’s most endangered mammal.A 2016 survey found that there were only between 90 and 130 Vancouver Island marmots left in the wild. Scientific Name: Marmota vancouverensis. Vancouver Island marmots are chocolate brown in colour with a white patch on their chest, muzzle, and the top of their head. Like all 14 currently recognized species of marmots, the Vancouver Island Marmot lives in burrows, The Vancouver Island Marmot (Marmota vancouverensis) is a housecat-sized ground squirrel that is endemic to the mountains of Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Nagorsen 1987). Common name Vancouver Island marmot Scientific name Marmota vancouverensis Status Endangered Reason for designation A rare mammal endemic to Vancouver Island, reduced to less that 20 mature animals. Occurrence British Columbia Status history Designated Endangered in April 1978. Common name Vancouver Island marmot Scientific name Marmota vancouverensis Status Endangered Reason for designation Fewer than 30 mature wild-born individuals of this Canadian endemic remain in the wild. The Metropolitan Toronto Zoo is developing techniques for maintaining and breeding Vancouver Island … However this species can be easily distinguished from other marmots by its rich, chocolate brown fur and contrasting white patches. Through the mid-late 1990's (Janz et al. The Vancouver Island Marmot (Marmota vancouverensis) is a species of concern belonging in the species group "mammals" and found in the following area(s): Canada (Vancouver Island). Geographic Range. Like their relatives, they have strong shoulder muscles and strong claws to help them dig. The Vancouver Island Marmot. They reach a maximum weight of about 15.5 pounds. No other marmot species naturally occurs on Vancouver Island. Through extensive captive breeding and reintroduction programs, this species is now re-established on 27 mountains in south, central and northern Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island marmot, M. vancouverensis endemic to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Yellow-bellied marmot , M. flaviventris found in southwestern Canada and western United States Additionally, four extinct species of marmots are recognized from the fossil record: The Vancouver Island marmot is typical of alpine-dwelling marmots in general form and physiology. The scientific name Marmota means mountain mouse. It is one of the rarest mammals in the world. Common name: Vancouver Island Marmot Latin name: Marmota vancouverensis Status under SARA: Listed as Endangered as of 2008 assessment Range: An endemic to the island of Vancouver. Common Name: Vancouver Island marmot; Scientific Name: Marmota vancouverensis; Status: Endangered; Reason for Designation: Fewer than 30 mature wild-born individuals of this Canadian endemic remain in the wild. Common Name: Vancouver Island Marmot. Their scientific name is Marmota vancouverensis. 2000; Bryant 1998), about 58% of the Vancouver Island Marmot population was found in clearcut habitats. Vital Signs. Facts/Trivia: The Vancouver Island marmot is the only endangered mammal species found only in Canada. The population has declined by at least 50% in the past 10 years. Other marmot species in Canada are the woodchuck, yellow-bellied marmot and hoary marmot. Originally found in the Nanaimo Lakes region until it was introduced to other nearby areas. Despite the apparent initial success of reintroductions, the wild population of this species remains extremely small and could be subject to However, clearcuts provide temporary habitat and become unsuitable with succession. Status: Critically Endangered. The Vancouver Island Marmot also inhabits recent clearcut habitats at elevations as low as 730 m (Bryant and Janz 1996). The Vancouver Island Marmot is one of 14 marmot species worldwide and one of the most critically endangered mammals in the world, found only on Vancouver Island …

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