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The idea here is to show that you love the brand, organically engage with it, and have taken the initiative to start a relationship with them. Instagram stories can be a mix of still photos and videos. When choosing your influencers, make sure that your brand and your influencer’s brand aligns. The following article should help to focus on the most important steps in pitching influencer marketing campaigns. In January 2018, the city announced they were 3 months away from running out of clean water! When you are sending an email to an “influencer”, it really doesn’t matter what you’re asking them to do (write about your product, attend your event, share your post in social media) the same components of your pitch need to be present. We would like to invite you to become a brand ambassador for our company! Lastly, a super tiny detail here: I used to send my media kit as an attachment but recently started linking it directly in the email. I would see if a brand is open to creating content for these other platforms. In my marketing work, I see influencers (bloggers, creators, etc) making some key mistakes when it comes to pitching brands. At Afluencer, we help connect up-and-coming influencers with the right … Brands and business owners are rightfully wary when dealing with unknown influencers – there’s always the risk of getting ripped off, shafted or slandered online. I personally love how Waterl<33 dry shampoo foam doesn’t leave any residue! If it’s on the longer side, consider the straight forward example. Plus a FREE Partnership + … You are not only an influencer, you are a business woman, which means you have to be professional. I hope you’re having a great day so far! In almost all my brand collaborations, I always pitch at least one Instagram post to be featured on my feed. In your first little paragraph, introduce who you are and what you do. Pins are a great way to continue to drive brand awareness for a brand – especially if a pin gets pinned over and over again. I would love help contribute to the series by having your product be the star of the show when I visit (insert drool-worthy travel destination here).”. Do your research on your audience’s demographics and the ideal audience for the brand. There are millions of brands out there, and not all of them will be the right match for you. And keep it short! Hey Influencer, Been following your work for a while - really interesting takeaways from your deep dive into the pros and cons of always-open vs. closed-door courses. Personally, I like writing blog posts for brands and accompanying that blog posts with social media posts. If you can pique enough interest to get someone to open your email,... 2. We heavily researched a shortlist of influencers to find the perfect candidate, and our time and effort paid off. Influencer marketing is going to be a game-changer in the times to come. Paid Work Introduce yourself (who you are and what you do), Explain why working together makes sense (use brand buzz words, values, and explain how you could benefit them), Directly link your Instagram and Media Kit, Ask a question that’s not a yes/no question. Therefore, the more sponsored content an influencer posts, the more their status is diluted. You can form a long-term relationship with the brand. Tying brands to ambassadors who come with their own lives and opinions in influencer marketing campaigns can sometimes be a risky game. There were times when I was starting out, and I was too ambitious, because I definitely was not a good fit for lots of brands at that point in my journey. Bring that commitment to distinction into every elevator pitch. 1. • 2. With a beauty blender! I’m loving my Waterl

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