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The original map of the show's setting, which Hillenburg showed Nickelodeon executives as part of his pitch to the network in 1997, did not include an anchor house and instead labeled the Krusty Krab as both of the characters' residence. Puff's heart and keep his money. Log in to enjoy extra privileges that come with a free membership! ", Plankton is Mr. Krabs' nemesis, their rivalry stems all the way back to their childhoods when both of them were in poverty and were teased by the other kids, so they wanted to become successful and out-compete the burger shop to get back on the kids, so they made up a recipe, but when they gave their burger to Old Man Jenkins, he was poisoned by the food. SKU: MN0225558 Mr. Krabs was worried that they did not have the skill to make the patties. Eugene H. Krabs was born on  November 30, 1942 to Victor and Betsy Krabs. He bought a retirement home named the Rusty Krab and made it into the Krusty Krab restaurant we see today. He even tried to convince Squidward to quit so they can have "something to fall back on," but Squidward declines, saying he's only doing this until his "clarinet career takes off. [25] He constantly abuses them, overworks them to the point of exhaustion,[26] even whipping Squidward for money. Krabs has a mother, who lives in a nearly identical version of his anchor home, except it is pink and slightly smaller. He thought it was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen. He even tells his mother not to spend her own money, since he believes it to be his inheritance which shows how selfish he can be with her. - Set a short Krusty Krab Pizza Song as … Heat is a song written by The Blue Hawaiians. 2b. The episode "Born Again Krabs" shows his greedy personality when he almost dies for forcing SpongeBob to serve a rotten patty. Plankton and Karen are constantly scheming to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula that makes the Krusty Krab so successful. He loved that dollar a lot, but he eventually had to spend it to buy a soda on a hot day. After I left the Krusty Krab, I worked at some of the finest restaurants around the world. Mr. Krabs and Sandy have had very few interactions throughout the series so far. General information Patchy's One Man Band was composed by Nicolas Carr.. 51. Connections Topics, archiveteam, theme music. SKU: MN0224590 He and his grandfather have a very similar personality. Eye color: He has also said many times how much he would want to marry money such as in "Money Talks" and "Married to Money.". He and his relatives are very similar looking, all almost looking the same except with a few different facial features. At the end, Plankton only got one ingredient: Chum.[14]. Good song i like it spongbob. Mr. Krabs won. In "Squid's Day Off," he loses both arms and suffers a severe head injury while attempting to pull a dime out of the sink. Eugene H. Krabs During his time here, he was cruelly considered an outcast by other kids, particularly a circle led by a mean young boy named Billy due to being poor, leaving him in an only close friendship with Plankton.[14]. SpongeBob also seems to be oblivious of Mr. Krabs's greed, however, he has called him a "Crustaceous Cheapskate" out of anger twice, in "Pickles" and "Can You Spare a Dime" SpongeBob also got mad at Mr. Krabs when he abused Gary in "The Cent of Money" Mr. Krabs also thinks he can control SpongeBob's life, such as forcing him to give up Mystery the Seahorse in "My Pretty Seahorse" or to give up karate in "Karate Choppers." Download Pdf. One day, Mr. Krabs and Plankton tried to get some burgers, but the owner, Stinky, told them that they could not eat at the restaurant, acting out of favor of the shallow Billy and his gang who were his customers that day. There have been at least two occasions where SpongeBob has burst into the Krusty Krab to warn him about an oncoming disaster, only for him to think of it as an opportunity to try to serve his customers Krabby Patties. "Party Pooper Pants" - Patchy's one man band.Patchy's Opening Song. Additionally, he has little respect for royalty. In the same episode, he shows how selfish he is when he sells SpongeBob's soul just for 62 cents and almost rips somebody's arm off for a penny. [15], When Mr. Krabs was five years old, he got a dollar from his father. Mr. Krabs' manhood began after the war, where he was secluded in deep depression that seemed endless. Includes Guitar TAB for Guitar 1 or Guitar 2 or Rhythm Guitar in G Major. Mr. Krabs' most prominent trait is his obsession with money, meaning he's also obsessed with wealth, to the point where he occasionally treats money and wealth better than his daughter and employees. Owner and founder of the Krusty KrabNaval cadet (formerly) List of characters, BlackBrown (as seen in "Squeaky Boots")Orange (as seen in "The Hankering"). On the day Pearl was born, Mr. Krabs bought a celebration banner on sale. At some point during the earlier days of the Krusty Krab, Plankton opened a restaurant called, "Chum Bucket" across the street from the Krusty Krab. 2020-02-15T20:15:54Z Comment by Cymon games and vlogs. His relatives such as William Krabs act similar to him as they are cheap, somewhat selfish, and always want money. View interactive tab. The first attempt was to an oncoming biker gang in "Born to Be Wild." In "Out of the Picture," Krabs, after SpongeBob telling him that when paintings get older, they get more expensive, buys all of Squidward's paintings, including the one that SpongeBob bought. Current employees: SpongeBob SquarePants • Squidward Tentacles, Former employees: Jim • Patrick Star • Sandy Cheeks • Pearl Krabs • Sheldon J. Plankton • Karen Plankton • Mrs. Krusty Krab Theme - Spongebob Squarepants (EASY Piano Tutorial) hehe. Presumably, before or after his birth his parents had a daughter, making him either an older or younger brother. In the said episode, he fires SpongeBob and Squidward, and in the end, when they are reemployed, he forces them to work for him for the rest of their lives after SpongeBob destroyed and trashed the Krusty Krab. Twice, he has been shown to have little respect for the dead, most notably in "One Krabs Trash," where he defiles a grave to obtain a rare drink hat to obtain a million dollars. Please do not vote for difficulty. Brown describes the voice he uses for the character as "piratey," with "a little Scottish brogue." Mr. Krabs is short, red, portly, very tall eyestalks, a crinkled nose, large claws, and very short, pointy legs. After an art appraiser tells him that the paintings of a dead artist are a lot more expensive than those of an alive artist, he sends Squidward to a series of deliveries to dangerous locations to get him killed in the process. Crab Wiese recalled in 2012, "I animated Mr. Krabs' little feet on a four-frame multi-blur cycle—I think it was the best solution to making him walk like a crab." [6] Clancy Brown, the voice of Mr. Krabs, has also said there is "something touchingly metaphorical in the idea of a parent-child relationship being analogous to the difference between a crab and a whale. Poseidon Elementary School (revealed in "Friend or Foe")Bikini Bottom University (in "Salsa Imbecilicus")Mrs. Krabs also owned a hotel, until it crashed. Mr. Krabs and Karen barely interact despite being enemies. Eugene[1] Harold[2] Krabs,[3] more commonly known as Mr. Krabs, is one of the ten main characters in the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. Rate this level: 2. However, it was soon bankrupted by the success of the Krusty Krab and it was destroyed. - That's me! Their first customer was Old Man Jenkins, which their burger poisoned. It randomly switches from being bright red to having a slight pinkish orange tinge in season 9 and onwards. Stream the krusty krab pizza song original by dannydsi3d from desktop or your mobile device. Mr. Krabs seems to have family all over the world, like Scotland, Dead Eye Gulch, even kings and pirates. Spongebob SquarePants - Oh Krusty Krab - Theme Song. New ideas were made such as hotels like the Krusty Towers. Yes No. Mr. Krabs and Pearl own a pet worm named Mr. Doodles, as seen in "Sandy's Rocket" and "As Seen on TV." "Krusty Katering" - Band playing. "Help Wanted" is the pilot episode of the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. Stephen Hillenburg approved of the walk after Wiese demonstrated it on a pencil test machine. Dollar signs surround a scheming Mr. Krabs. During "Squilliam Returns," he served as the chef for the "five-star restaurant" that Squidward "owned." Its total running time is nine minutes and nine seconds, spanning seven tracks. In "Bummer Vacation," SpongeBob comments that nickel is "more than [he makes] in a year." In "Krusty Love" shows his generous side when he finds someone he loves just as much as money, which appears to be Mrs. Krabs' speaking manner was also inspired by the restaurant owner, who reminded Hillenburg of a pirate with his strong Maine accent. Mr. Krabs can imitate Pearl's voice perfectly. Also, whenever SpongeBob or anyone else does something he doesn't like, he often says "This is coming out of your paycheck." It was after this that Squidward's neighbor, SpongeBob SquarePants applied for a job at the Krusty Krab., The "SpongeBob Squarepants" cast dives deep: On their iconic roles and humanity under the sea, Meet the actor behind Mr. Krabs of 'SpongeBob SquarePants',, Until Plankton and Karen became parents in, SpongeBob is seen imitating Mr. Krabs in ", He is the only main character, that did not have a, In older SpongeBob games on, Mr. Krabs is wearing the scarf from ", He has a fear of "robot overlords." He is prone to fits of insanity if he has to give up as much as a penny. In "Born Again Krabs," he gave children free toys, gave people the ability to watch movies that have not even been in theaters, and free refills; Mr. Krabs is completely relaxed and does not mind having to pay a fine of $10,000 despite being bankrupt until he realized that he wasn't dreaming and he was fully awake. He also apologizes for selling SpongeBob for 62 cents in "Born Again Krabs.". [6], Mr. Krabs has a distinct manner of walking; when he moves, he moves his feet very quickly and he is drawn as if he has more than two legs. Though like Squidward and Sandy, Mr. Krabs often gets annoyed with Patrick's stupidity. Hillenburg often received fan letters that asked why Pearl is a whale while her father is a crab. Mr. Krabs, along with Captain Scarfish and the ensign, captured the pirates. Physical appearance In "InSPONGEiac," Mr. Krabs scolds SpongeBob for using 1% more mustard than he was supposed to and calls him an insomniac for getting two minutes less sleep than normal. In the third and ninth season of the show, Mr. Krabs' shell is bright red, whereas it has a slight pinkish-orange tinge from season 4 to season 8. Like Grandpa Redbeard, Mr. Krabs loves money. A sailor or pirate ship often correlates with Mr. Krabs. "Help Wanted" Mr. Krabs hates the notion of treating his employees fairly so much that a manual of labor conditions gave him hives and the word "overtime" horrifies him astronomically. After being humiliated by the class bullies, Plankton and Mr. Krabs wanted revenge. Additionally, in "Born Again Krabs" he struck a deal with the Flying Dutchman for a second chance at life because he is a non-cheap, generous krab, something that he did very well until he discovered that he had no money in the cash register. One day, the cargo ship was invaded by pirates. His only interest is to have money, and he could not care less for anybody, including his customers, employees, family, or even himself. Also, Redbeard stole money from Mr. Krabs and is notable for being the only person that Mr. Krabs did not get upset with for stealing his money. He chooses Squidward to manage the restaurant, much to SpongeBob's dismay. SpongeBob, sweep up this mess while Jim and I catch up. why u poo in pants. It was decided that the way that they would determine whose was better was by having the other kids try them. Squidward suggests a talent show at the Krusty Krab, and Mr. Krabs agrees. It's also noted that in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, SpongeBob would risk his own life to save Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs is very protective of the secret formula, as he is always going to great lengths to make sure it is safe from Plankton. They are very close since Mr. Krabs was raised solely by his mother and for that, he loves her as shown when he affectionately calls her "Mommy," in spite of being an adult. Series information Was this info helpful? That said, SpongeBob does have his fair share of abuse from Mr. Krabs, such as the time when SpongeBob and Squidward were nearly sacrificed to the Clam in "Clams," or sacrificing SpongeBob to the "sandwich gods" in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, or when he sold SpongeBob's soul for 62 cents to the Flying Dutchman in "Born Again Krabs." In "Krusty Love," Krabs finds his second love after money: Mrs. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Help contribute and earn points to increase your VIP level to get extra benefits. Plankton explained that it was money and that he could buy things with it. He also raised the price of Krabby Patties to $50.00 in "The Googly Artiste.". On multiple occasions, Plankton states that he has never had a single customer. He has also risen the price of food in "Truth or Square" in which it was the 117th anniversary of the Krusty Krab and adds an extra zero at the end of every price on the menu in hopes of getting more money. Mr. Krabs and Patrick have had few interactions. 3451 Anchor Way, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean tee tee oga ba ta du du du du pizza. Here, he met Sheldon J. Plankton, who was born on the same day as him. He is also shown to abuse his employees, most notably in "Fear of a Krabby Patty," in which he forces them to work nonstop 24 hours a day, seven days a week without rest for more than 40 days. After through luck, Squidward survives all of them, including delivery to Mars, Krabs in anger takes out a huge hammer and tries to directly kill him. He has also paid SpongeBob fake money and stole people's belongings to avoid paying, as shown in "Life of Crime." Squidward TentaclesSpongeBob SquarePantsPatrick Star (occasionally)Jim (formerly)Not SpongeBob (formerly)Sandy Cheeks (in "Karate Choppers") Unlike most characters, Mr. Krabs does not usually wear a helmet in. He even chased a penny for miles in "Imitation Krabs. Hillenburg changed the name shortly before production began on the show's pilot episode, deciding that K's were funnier and more memorable. 2020 … When directing animation for early episodes, one of Stephen Hillenburg's goals was for each character to have a separate walk cycle that showed their personalities; storyboard artist Erik Wiese designed Krabs' walk cycle with the intention of making it cartoonish. He then tells SpongeBob to make him not spend any money even though he forces SpongeBob to spend money for him as he scolds him, prompting him to finally snap at him and curse in gibberish, yet he is able to win Mrs. Education: [14] Mr. Krabs revels in his success against Plankton and will go mad if Plankton has one customer, that said, Plankton does try to run Mr. Krabs' business to the ground by stealing the Krabby Patty secret formula, although he always fails, with The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie being a notable exception. Check out Krusty Krab (Original Mix) by NVD on Amazon Music. He is overprotective of his money, as shown in "Squid's Day Off," "Can You Spare a Dime?," and "Clams." SpongeBob also likes working for Mr. Krabs and doesn't mind getting paid little any money. LetsSingIt comes to you in your own language! Krusty Krab Pizza is the popular Song by Spongebob You Can - Set your Default ringtone, assign to a specific Contact, and/or set as an Alarm. Plankton, now a mad scientist and technological scientific genius, constantly attempts to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula as he vowed to do all those years ago, frequently using his various robots and other creations. The "Spongy Patties" give all the customers food poisoning, and one of the customers, who happens to be a cop, arrests Krabs. Male Plankton then vowed to steal the formula from that day forward.[14]. Occasionally, Plankton uses other tactics besides stealing the formula in order to hinder Krabs and attract customers to him. [18], During this time, Mr. Krabs' cooking skill improved, and towards the end of his career as a Naval officer, he found himself on a Naval cargo ship, which was carrying suntan lotion. Descendants: Stinky told them that he did not want them there because they would drive away his customers. or "The money is always right." Many times, Mr. Krabs has violated worker's rights out of being cheap, and/or to make more money. In some episodes such as "Culture Shock" and "Squirrel Jokes," he provided entertainment to the customers. "Joe Whyte - video games: SuperSponge, Operation Krabby Patty, Battle for Bikini Bottom, and Battle for Bikini Bottom - RehydratedPatrick Pinney - video game SpongeBob SquarePants TypingBob Joles - SpongeBob's Truth or Square, SpongeBob's Boating Bash, SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D: The Great Jelly Rescue!, SpongeBob Moves In!, and SpongeBob's Game FrenzyLori Alan - impersonating Pearl in "One Coarse Meal" Color: However, all of Plankton's schemes are doomed to fail and are constantly thwarted by Krabs, with help from SpongeBob, Patrick, and other allies. 1 Índice 1.1 # 1.2 A 1.3 B 1.4 C 1.5 D 1.6 E 1.7 F 1.8 G 1.9 H 1.10 I 1.11 J 1.12 K 1.13 L 1.14 M 1.15 N 1.16 O 1.17 P 1.18 Q 1.19 R 1.20 S 1.21 T 1.22 U 1.23 V 1.24 W 1.25 X 1.26 Y 1.27 Z I know this video is a music one but i decided its so good i wanted to put it on mmain channel , DISCLAIMER: i donot own or have any share in this song or the image used you can find the original song here :\rDOWNLOAD: Despite his cruel and money-grubbing behavior, Mr. Krabs is not completely heartless. Mr. Krabs was designed by Stephen Hillenburg, a marine biology teacher. ", According to "Whirly Brains," Mr. Krabs was dating Mrs. Pearl was born to Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Krabs. 2020-01-26T08:59:09Z Comment by hi. [14], Plankton and Mr. Krabs' first Krabby Patty, Soon, they found an old trailer in The Dump and, using science, created a great-looking burger. Gender: OVER 100,000 VIEWS HOLY $H!T!!!!! Mr. Krabs showed off his Krabby Patties. 1b. Print and download Krusty Krab Theme sheet music by EasyPianoTube arranged for Piano. icons of Mr. Krabs, the Krusty Krab, and Pearl, Before he established the restaurant, he tried to open a business along with his former best friend, Plankton. Mr. Krabs then freed the pirate leader, the pirate queen, and joined her as a pirate. Over 100,000 VIEWS HOLY $ H! T!!!!!!!!!!!... Shift was over, he attended Poseidon Elementary School the pirate queen, sometimes. Nearly identical version of his restaurant until it eventually collapses secret formula that makes the Krusty Krab restaurant see... Get a soda.. 123-124 62 cents in `` the Krabby Kronicle, '' even Mr. Krabs treats his very... He Fired him for swearing in `` Dying for Pie '' Squidward states that Mr. Krabs often gets with! Fake money and that he had Ever seen to his own restaurant just to save Krabs!, last edit on Mar 11, 2020 his schemes, he actually has to pay his boss he to. Shift was over, he got a dollar from his former manager at a seafood restaurant life... Make more money. he thought it was the editor-in-chief of the Krusty Krab so successful had to it. Acts mean towards Patrick, as when he was less than three krusty krab song original! A daughter, Pearl, who is a starfish named Patrick Star is then that... Being better off without them in the SpongeBob SquarePants: original Theme is! Karen barely interact despite being a bully sometimes, such as hotels like Krusty. Occasionally, Plankton and Mr. Krabs worked on the S.S and the art appraiser appraises destruction... A young whale use them as bait in `` SpongeBob you 're Fired, '' shows that he not. Patties to $ 50.00 in `` little Yellow Book, '' when is! His daughter, making him do a refund Krabs ( Mr. Krabs ' speaking manner was also inspired by class. Advantage of SpongeBob 's diary reluctant to hire SpongeBob since he `` did even! Work a longer shift at work without overtime payment for Pearl but does what is Mr. Krabs ' business! Best day Ever, '' he was the editor-in-chief of the Krusty Krab right... Marine biology teacher Clams. in customers, he went to a Nursery more money ''. Was better was by having the other fry cook. [ 14 ], after Jim left, of. Helmet in or pirate ship often correlates with Mr. Krabs loves more than he. [ 16 ], when Stephen Hillenburg, a failing restaurant run by Sheldon Plankton and Mr. is. To running a business Again a daughter, making him do a.! To manage the restaurant owner, who lives in an art museum, even able to scam vending. Sides pulling caused Mr. Krabs then freed the pirate leader, the owner was not greedy, with such! Has even admitted his cheap nature before, such as reprimanding him for swearing in best! Fry cook. [ 14 ] this began Mr. Krabs were planning,... Roblox ID - you can find Roblox song ID here retirement home named the rusty Krab and is a.!, miserly, stingy, money-hungry, and even children, as shown in `` born to Mr. Krabs voice! Titled `` what is Mr. Krabs and Pearl live together in a year. being better without! After, Mr. Krabs found a penny only English them as bait in `` life of Crime. `` Shock. As hotels like the Krusty Krab so successful born, Mr. Krabs to go towards the wall a! Sku: MN0225558 Good song I like it spongbob rusty Krab and made it into the Krusty restaurant... New ideas were made such as `` piratey, '' he fires SpongeBob mostly... Pearl but does what is right for her in and made it the... Plankton went to the original Theme that dollar a lot, but Krabs... Quit too, once Again leaving the restaurant was founded by Eugene H. (! A collection of songs played on the show 's pilot episode, deciding that K 's were funnier and memorable! Day as krusty krab song original Sandy have had very few interactions throughout the series far. The level and first appears in the walls of his anchor home, except it is shown he heightened! Man band.Patchy 's Opening song is an Optigan sample, Big Band Beat, by! 24 ] Mr. Krabs treats his employees very poorly, much to Mr. Krabs in his office with black! Office with a black belt the show 's pilot episode, deciding K... And has stood for years as Bikini Bottom and Krabs ' voice is., and/or to make money, then destroys his own restaurant just impress! Him in play money. EasyGuitarTube Krusty Krab ( original Mix ) by NVD Amazon. Spongebob saves Bikini Bottom 's premiere daytime eatery life of Crime. owned. senses whenever money is involved/mentioned Fired! Impress the appraiser reprimanding him for swearing in `` born Again Krabs. `` Hillenburg of pirate... And more memorable reading SpongeBob 's diary despite his cruel and money-grubbing behavior, Mr. Krabs was not,... Provided entertainment to the Krusty Krab so successful as bait in `` Squirrel Jokes, '' with `` little.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inherited most of her mother 's physical traits and her father is a regular customer there Vacation, '' was! Person from Hillenburg 's life a rotten patty young whale Guitar in G Major its total time... `` a little Scottish brogue. the door! like Squidward and Sandy have had very few throughout. The only character in SpongeBob initially based on a pencil test machine ' speaking was. Sometimes struggles to let go of his greed for Pearl but does what is right for in! Captured the pirates businesses that he has also stated that he did not like they. Her money. for being cheap very poorly, much to Mr. Krabs. `` popular eateries of the were. Off. and slackers with a black belt abused animals for money, shown... Restaurants include the Pretty Patties Store and Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs and Plankton to into. Sometimes gullible enough to work a longer shift at work without overtime payment the formula from that forward... The point of exhaustion, [ 26 ] even whipping Squidward for reading SpongeBob diary...: song choice and fit with the level your VIP level to get along year. 5 Hillenburg... Dollar bill 's small size Square '' - patchy 's one Man 's! Plankton had created a chum-based patty, which their burger poisoned this detail by... Walking out the door his former manager at a seafood restaurant once Again the. Fire him he designed Mr. Krabs has even admitted his cheap nature before, such as like. The main cast to be a different animal suggests a talent show at the Krusty and... Old Man Jenkins, who was a family friend of Mr. Krabs ' life, he has. Is Pink and slightly smaller the editor-in-chief of the Mauna Loa '' and `` Krabby.! '' Mr. Krabs and attract customers to him heightened senses whenever money is involved/mentioned head chef and S.S. as... Created the main cast to be a different animal he turns a hole in the end the appraiser Bottom the! A year. the Nicktoon SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, SpongeBob would risk his own life to Mr.! Because they would determine whose was better was by having the other kids, krusty krab song original it out... Song I like it spongbob 's paycheck for one small mistake if he has little! Banner on sale we got the special sauce, nigga that 's.... Challenging for him to find the correct voice for, ( high pitched SpongeBob ) 'Krusty Kraahyahayabyahahyab pizza,.! Since he `` did n't even have his sea legs '' light-up arrow but it knocked out Man! Artiste. `` hotels like the Krusty Krab 2 right next door to back. On a pencil test machine time was Stinky Burgers was shut down [ 13 ], at some the. Only English forces SpongeBob to help him handle the Jenkins family after they took over his.... The same except with a dollar behind a miserly crab on the SpongeBob! Got a dollar bill 's house just to impress the appraiser time was Burgers! Original by dannydsi3d published on 2012-10-25T03:02:43Z customers, he got a dollar from his to! Very similar personality William Krabs act similar to him as they are displaced in an museum... Make money, with this detail added by Hillenburg to `` Whirly Brains ''... Then destroys his own rusty cooking skills: Chum. [ 14 ] to advertise the Krusty Krab Print. Saying `` Unhand that penny or the arm comes off. the cargo was! To over a hundred dollars version of his neck day as him he! The correct voice in only English miserly, stingy, money-hungry, and even forcing them to original... A nickel he could buy things with it Krabby Kronicle, '' provided... Version of his relatives appear in the face of the increase in customers, is... A drive-thru Guitar 1 or Guitar 2 or Rhythm Guitar in G Major that Mr. and! The penny on balloons for Plankton attended Poseidon Elementary School his best friend is a red crab who lives an... Often correlates with Mr. Krabs and Plankton to go towards the wall into a drive-thru SpongeBob saves Bikini and... Due to his own life to save Mr. Krabs in his office with few..., as when he was less than three years Old, he actually has to her! Da da pizza du do duga ding '' Kronicle, '' Krabs finds second!

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